Products Catalog:Manufactuer of Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh


Cylindrical Filter Elements:


Wire Cloth Laminated Sheet, it consists of five woven cloth layers by vacuum sintering. Standard thickness is 1.7mm. Five layers of sintered mesh is a widely used standard structure of sintered mesh, is the five layers of stainless steel sintered mesh stacked together in order, through vacuum sintering of a new filter material. Generally, it is a five-layer structure, which is divided into five parts: protection layer, filter control layer, dispersion layer, support skeleton layer and skeleton layer.

Advantages: High strength,no need of the support. No possibility of media migration occuring. Wide operating temperature range. Strongly corrosion resistant. Very easy to clean, long service life.

Available filtration rating(μm): 2、5、10、20、40、75、100、150、200
Any ouline size is available at customer’s request.

The six-layer sintered net is a six-layer sintered net formed on the basis of the five layers plus a layer of 12-mesh mesh, with a thickness of 3.5mm and better pressure resistance.

Disc filters are mainly used in three-in-one or two-in-one filtration. Disc filters adopt multilayer stainless steel sintered wire cloth or wire mesh as filter media. The material is SUS316L, filter rating is 2-200μm, diameter 100-3000mm. Disc filters boast if good strength, accurate filter rating, long lifespan and repeatedly cleaning.


Nominal Filter Rating
Control Layer
Bubble Point Pressure
(mm H2o)
2 325x2400 38 14x105 280-640 1.7 8.4
5 200x1400 38 12x105 250-600 1.7 8.4
10 165x1400 38 7x105 220-550 1.7 8.4
20 165x800 38 4x105 180-450 1.7 8.4
40 50x250 38 4x105 150-400 1.7 8.4